Aussie Outback Timber

At Australian Outback Timber we source and supply rare and exotic timber, exporting to America. We're proudly a family owned an operated business.
Our extensive network of millers across the country provide us our unique range of timber species and products from unique slabs, burls and wood turning blocks from salvaged trees to solid boards and flooring from sustainably grown plantation farmed trees. Our aim is to provide architects, interior designers and hobbyists a broader pallet range of solid timbers colours, grains and effects for their projects and discerning customers. We provide a point of difference so you can stand out from the crowd.

My passion of Australian Timber began when I joined the Australian Army as an apprentice carpenter and joiner. My ten year service took me across the breadth and width of the country, often milling and constructing with local timbers endemic to the region of works being carried out. Giving me a broad knowledge of minor species to the common plantation varieties found across the country, that are to be found from our temperate rain forests to our more tropical terrains and dryer desert regions. My continued travel and work experience has provided me with an extended network of millers to draw upon for resources. I am now an enjoying being able to share these timbers with enthusiasts in America.

Warren Vigor, Founder of Australian Outback Timber.