Red Gum    Eucalyptus Camaldensis

Red Gum is a heartwood with resinous wood, gum pockets and an interlocked grain, reliant on the location of growth, producing an enchanting fiddleback figure when quarter cut. A distinguishing vibrant red with hues of pink to almost-black complements the durable and tough timber. This species is also known as River Red gum as it grows predominately along the water ways across the country and is mainly milled in areas along the Murray river which serves as the state border between Victoria and New South Wales. They are known to grow beyond 700 years and to a height of 145 feet with a trunk of up to 9 feet in diameter. The grain is interlocked and wavy and usually a Rich Red in colour though it can vary to Pink .

It is a very durable timber with a Janka rating of 10 and whilst it can be hard to machine it makes a great feature timber for furniture and joinery projects