Spotted Gum Engineered Timber Flooring brown_0.jpg

Spotted Gum     Eucalyptus Henryi  

Spotted Gum, a heartwood varying from an illuminated pale to dark chocolate brown, features a moderately coarse and asymmetrical texture and is utilised for interior uses as well as external applications, due to its durability. It is often also known as Spotty Gum or Lemon Scented Gum, due to the distinct lemon fragrance exuding from the leaves. Whilst this species grows throughout the Eastern states it is usually milled in New South Wales and Queensland.

Spotted Gum is a very hard timber with a Janka rating of 11 meaning it is
suitable for furniture, joinery projects, flooring and decking. Though it machines and works well, it can be difficult to glue as it has a waxy nature.