tasmanian oak.jpg

Messmate    Eucalyptus Obliqua

This timber species grows in the Southern States and, while generally know as Stringy Bark, it may be referred to as Tasmanian Oak or Victorian Ash depending on its region of origin. These craft names refer to a specific blend of Alpine Ash and Mountain Ash. Sanding to a remarkable finish the pale tones of pink and straw of the heartwood submit to all stains and adhesives to suit any use for the timber. Strong and stable, this timber is alluring to behold and practical to use. The variations in the grain are fairly even and straight as this is one of the taller growing Eucalyptus trees, reaching up to150 feet over the span of 80 years. Another regional characteristic of this timber are gum veins, a natural occurring presence of sap within the timber.

It has a Janka rating of 7 and is suitable to use for all furniture, joinery projects and flooring.